Always try to position and place each yole (hole) where the grass is smoothest because it is always a pleasure to play Yolf® on freshly mowed grass.


Always make sure your Yolf® yoles are secured properly into the ground.

This is accomplished by applying a slight downward pressure followed by a twisting motion in a counterclockwise direction. It’s important to position the flagstick in the center of the yole.


Try a few practice shots or play a few yoles to get the feel of your new Yolf club, Yolf ball and Yolf course.


It is considered good Yolf® etiquette to allow certain Yolfers the opportunity to yee off closer to the yole than his or her fellow Yolfers.

During competition, the professional Yolfer is known to give yokes to the amateur Yolfers based on their established Yolf yandicaps in order to create fairness in play. Yolf yandicaps are established by adding your total score for 6 consecutive 18 yole rounds of Yolf® , then dividing by 6 to find your average 18 yole score. So, if your average 18 yole score is 10 yokes greater than yar for your Yolf course, you are considered an established 10 yandicap Yolfer. Example: the 5 yandicap Yolfer would give the 10 yandicap Yolfer 5 total yokes per 18 yole round. Seem fair to you?


Always avoid standing in the line of another Yolfers yutt and no yackin’ while others are yuttin’.

There are times when a competitor will tell you to “pick it up, it’s good.” This is when your Yolf ball is located close enough to the yole that it is considered a yimme(gimme). Not all Yolfers are this nice, so take advantage of the yimme.


In smaller yards, allow for fairways to cross one another.

This is especially true if you are playing Tournament Yolf or Designer Yolf.


Make sure your Yolf club head is pointing to where you want to hit your Yolf ball.


Keep your eye on the Yolf ball.


Keep your head down and don’t look up because you might yillidip your Yolf shot.

TIP 10

Always follow through on your Yolf shot.

TIP 11

Use your imagination when designing your Yolf course.

Use trees, bushes, swingsets, hills, porches etc. You may even use the other Yolf yoles as boundaries and obstacles for each specific fairway.

TIP 12

For a real challenge, try a yole in one contest!

Example: most yole in ones in so many tries or longest yole in one.

TIP 13

Team play is a blast and is known as a yamble (scramble)!

Each Yolfer hits a Yolf shot. The best Yolf shot amongst the 2, 3 or 4 Yolfer team is chosen and then all the Yolfers on that team hit their next Yolf shot from that spot. This continues until the yole is finished. Play all yoles in this format. Six teams of 4 Yolfers or a total of 24 Yolfers can Yolf it up because each foursome would yee off at the same time on a different yole. Additional Yolf clubs and Yolf balls are needed. Team play is best in a Tournament Yolf setting. (12 yoles = 48 Yolfers 18 yoles = 72 Yolfers)

TIP 14

Some tournament Yolf course designers enforce having to hit the Yolf ball only within the mowed fairway.

If your Yolf ball rolls out of the fairway and touches the rough (taller grass) you must take a penalty yoke (stroke) and return your Yolf ball to where it was hit from. VERY CHALLENGING!

TIP 15

Give Quick-Set Yolf course a different look.

If you want to give your Quick-Set Yolf course a new look quickly and easily, simply reposition the flagsticks in different yoles.

TIP 16

Add some spice to the course with obstructions.

For added fun and excitement always remember to include bank shots off of trees, porches, etc. and utilize hills and depressions in positioning your Yolf yoles.

TIP 17

YORE! Protect other players.

Each Yolfer and his or her yaddie should always yell “YORE” when hitting the Yolf ball towards or near other Yolfers and please remember to tip your yaddie well.

TIP 18

Closest to the yole.

Veteran Yolfers have been known to conduct a closest to the yole contest with each other while picking the game up at the end of play. During the contest all Yolfers shoot from the same spot and the Yolfer whose shot lands furthest from the yole must pick up the flagstick and yole. This format continues until the entire game is picked up. Lots of laughs!

TIP 19

Yolf Tag is an excellent way to Yolf it up in Quick-Set Yolf.

Here is an example of calling a Yolf tag yole. The Yolfer calling the yole would say, “We yee off here and your Yolf ball must touch yoles #1, 2, 3 and 5 before yoling out into yole #6.” If your Yolf ball lands inside one of the yoles you are trying to tag, you must play your next Yolf shot from inside that particular yole so hit your tag shots carefully.

TIP 20

Many Yolfers enjoy Yolfing it up in the snow.

They simply take a shovel or snow blower and design fairways. Winter rules would then apply!