Welcome to YOLF®, your very own Yard golf game that lets you go on a family vacation every time you play.

We are extremely proud to have created this new phenomenon in family fun that is being played in backyards of all sizes, apartment, condominium complexes, retirement facilities inside and out, corporate lawns, parks and beaches everywhere.

Yolf®  is a fun, family-friendly game suitable for all ages. Unlike golf, it can be played immediately, no lessons required. You can set up a Yolf course on any surface and design the course any way you want. There is a growing community of Yolfers worldwide. Join our list and stay up to date on Yolf events and charity tournaments in your area.

YOLF® was created to offer you, your family and friends endless fun and tremendous excitement. Its versatility of play provides challenges for all Yolfers from beginners to professional, while the high tech composite Yolf club and solid Yolf ball with YOLF’S distinctive Yimple pattern allows for optimal performance.   Creating a game that promotes physical activity by introducing them to golf in a fun and easy way.  YOLF can be taught and played almost anywhere with immediate, positive results. This immediate gratification makes it easy to develop a physical exercise program for both the young and elderly.

YOLF® creates an opportunity to teach the fundamentals of golf, (Sportsman Ship, Integrity and Fair Play), while having the time of your life.  For our seniors that can no longer participate in the traditional game of golf YOLF brings the game back into their lives.