My uncle has had Yolf for at least 20 years. I live in Pennsylvania, and Every year we have a big tournament at a family house in Nova Scotia. It’s a “family staple” and we love playing it!! – Churchill in PA

Churchill in PA

I am so excited to receive the Yolf game. This was purchased for a Birthday present for my boyfriend. His Brother-in-Law received a game many years ago as a gift. We have been having backyard tournaments for as long as I came into the mix (about 7 years now). Now that we have our own backyard, I thought it was time to have our own game as well. – Susan in Mass

A family friend purchased the 6 hole standard and brought it over last Saturday. What a great time! We had so much fun that Papa wanted one for our home. Can’t wait to see his surprised face when he get’s it. It’s a great game & we have many get together’s at our home! – Dawn B

“I’m so excited about getting the game and I’m sure we will add things to the game later too. I’ve been telling my neighbors about it and the will see in action next weekend. We can’t wait to play YOLF!” – Carol G.

“We played this game at my in-laws in Buffalo, NY over this past weekend and my whole family loved it. In a short period of time, we have become Yolf Addicts!” – Bob R.

“We just finished our 24th annual Family Yolf Tournament. We also used the new equipment purchased this spring (16 clubs and balls). Everyone loved the new equipment!” – Keith A.

Keith A.